Date: 27/2/2024
Time: 18:39:26 GMT

    Terms and Conditions :
    1. By signing this application, I release your from any liability or harm that may affect me or affect any person due to my failure to comply with the terms, conditions and instructions issued. Or due to the misuse of the service by me or by others, and I pledge to compensate you for any damages, whether material or moral, related to your reputation
    2. It is understood to me that if you agree to accept my subscription in the service and / or services referred to above, you will provide me or provide the authorized signatory on my behalf with an envelope containing my password for this service, and I certify that just receiving the envelope is an acknowledgment from me that it is tight Close, and I forfeit my right to appeal or claim otherwise in the future.
    3.I pledge to inform you immediately about the possibility of others accessing my account, or the possibility of others knowing the password, and I commit and pledge that I will be responsible for all transactions and the amounts transferred as a result of this and until the end of the working day in which you receive a written notice from me accordingly, and I authorize you with an absolute authorization It is irreversible to take any measures that you deem appropriate to do so, and I also authorize you absolutely and irrevocably to take any measures that you deem appropriate, including stopping and / or not performing the service or operations without incurring any responsibility for you as a result.
    4. I have understood your instructions regarding changing the password if the service is used for the first time in the services that require it and before performing any operation, and I bear full responsibility for preserving and protecting the password, and I fully understand that the password identifies my identity with you, and I pledge and commit not to leak it or give it to others, and I pledge to take all necessary precautions if the service was conducted from any public place
    5. I pledge to limit the use of the password given to me only by myself, and I commit to not allow any other party to use it under any circumstances, or for any reason, and I agree that all transactions that have been or will be done through the password are personally authorized by me, and they have the authority As for me as an authority on the books and restrictions of the bank, and I commit not object or protest referring that it has not been issued on my behalf, so that I disclaim your responsibility to bear any process executed through any of the above services, whatever their type, cause or origin
    6. It is understood to me that any of the services will be suspended once I enter the password incorrectly for a couple of times, and I commit to activate it or activate the coordination service by visiting the relevant branch.
    7. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all information related to an account and / or my accounts with you including transferring and storing it from any computer or other similar electronic device. I confirm that if I use the Internet to access electronic banking services, I bear full responsibility on my own for any actions arising out of the unauthorized use and / or use of others and / or misuse by any party which may case, directly or indirectly, any loss or damage to me or to the bank.
    8. I agree that you will not be held accountable for any responsibility for any financial loss that may be incurred by me as a result of making wrong transaction using wrong account number , or as a result of mistakenly transferring any amount from my account to other customer by this service, in the services that allow transfer to a third party, I alone bear the consequences of these errors, and the bank was relieved of any liability that might arise as a result of it.
    9. It is my understanding that, despite your use of all possible means of protection, you are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to me as a result of the openness of the public network of communications and the Internet and / or any other entities that carry out these activities for compelling reasons beyond your control and what may result from such openness as risks, and I alone bear all these risks that may arise in such cases
    10. It is my understanding that you are entitled, according to your absolute choice and without giving reasons, to stop the services or withhold them from me for a temporary period, or cancel the service for any reason and without prior notice.
    11. I absolutely commit to following the instructions and guidance provided to me by you that contain detailed information about the service and how to operate it, without holding the bank responsible as a result of irregularity or interruption of the service, or a technical error in the information extracted .
    12. I authorize you to correct errors that may occur in electronic money transfers and to consider my signature herein as final and irreversible authorization to act on my behalf. If these errors relate to the reversal of an amount or part of it that was previously credited to my account or debited from it.
    13. I bear full responsibility for the to apply safety to my devices, and all the necessary maintenance including affording expenses and communication fees, and I have fully understood that you do not bear any responsibility resulting from any defect in the software used by me, or if I use any other devices or Additional software that may jeopardize the security and effectiveness of the service, or any viruses already present on my personal computer, which would reveal my important data and I pledge to bear all the consequences of that only by me.
    14. It is understandable to me that you have the right to make an amendment, to any of the terms and conditions for the service’s membership at any time without prior notification. Also. You have the right to add new services or change the software used in the provided service and using the service from me must considered as approved on the occurred change.
    15. It is understood to me that you have the right at any time you wish to collect / increase any fees, commissions, expenses or other wages, or all of them in return for providing the service with registration on any of my provided accounts with you, that I am notified of that for a maximum period of (14) days according to the method the bank deems appropriate.
    16. It is understood to me that the bank and according to his decision to renew / amend / cancel the ceilings set by the bank for the transfers executed in terms of number and / or value through any services, whether they are for the same accounts or for the accounts of others provided that my notification is made within a period of 14 days from making this amendment in the manner that you deem appropriate, unless the amendment is temporary, and it is considered necessary for the security and integrity of my account and / or my accounts with you and / or the security and safety of electronic transfer.
    17. It is understood to me that all transfers / transitions are made automatically and are debited to my account on the execution day if it was an official business day or on the next official business day if it falls on a holiday, and I understood that I cannot cancel the transfer / payment was made by the service after confirmation (implementation ) The process, and the bank is not obligated to issue any notices about the executed transactions, and so that these operations are deemed to have been made with my prior approval.
    18. All transactions carried out through electronic services are considered as a written authorization from me to the bank in this regard
    19. In the case that I request a check book and / or credit card under the service, and in case you agree to this, I commit to visiting the relevant branch to receive the book per procedures and / or to complete the card request procedures, and I agree in advance to pay the fees that you decide through debiting my account , and I wave my right to object in advance to any restriction or measure you take in this regard.
    20. In case that I wish to stop any fixed order related to my instructions within the fixed orders entered through the service, I commit to provide you with a signed written notice.
    21. I agree that you will not bear any responsibility as a result of my payment of any invoices, transactions, receipts or transfers through these services, and my incorrect entry of any numbers or data related to them, without the need to issue any notifications about the executed operations.
    22. In the case that I am a partner in one of the joint accounts / I am obligated to provide you, if I sign this request and before activating the service and / or services according to it, with a written consent of all the remaining partners, they are obliged according to them as being jointly and severally responsible for all the operations that will be carried out under this request.
    23. If it becomes clear to me that you have not performed any operation for any reason whatsoever, I agree that you will not bear any loss that may arise as a result of the failure to perform this process for any reason, and I forfeit my right to any claim whatsoever.
    24. The bank has the right to cancel my subscription to the service it come to his knowledge a reservation or executive seizure of my right, or the issuance of a judgment decision of liquidation form me, bankruptcy, stop payment or default.
    25. I agree to implement the provisions of the Electronic Transaction Law and any instructions issued or may be issued pursuant to this request and I pledge to abide by its content, and I agree to all instructions that the bank may issue related to electronic services from time to time, and / or the organization of the terms of your accounts.
    26. I acknowledge that I do not have any intellectual property rights in any of the programs, screens, or documents you provide to me, and / or those that you update and / or modify, and I will not or allow others to copy or modify any of these programs, screens or documents Provided by you, or download or transfer electronic banking services programs from any computer, phone, smart device or any other similar electronic device.
    27. We acknowledge and agree that in the case of a dispute arising out of the implementation or interpretation of these conditions and notifications, it is subject to Palestinian laws or the applicable laws in the Palestinian National Authority areas . jurisdiction is held in this case only for Palestinian courts.